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Collaborating with PublicVR

In keeping with our public mission, we provide a number of ways for individuals and organizations to work with us.

Download and Use

The majority of traffic to our website is from members of the public who simply download and use our software and documentation. The terms of use vary among projects, but every project shares a significant portion (or all) of its intellectual property with the public.

Start A New Project

If you have a project that falls within our general mission, we will gladly consider brining it within our practical and legal framework. We can provide Insurance, payroll and accounting services, webhosting, forum and code sharing, and other administrative functions. Most importantly, we can act as fiscal agent for grant providing agencies and private foundations. Because PublicVR is a 501(c)3 organization, we can apply for government grants and donations to us are tax-deductible. To meet our tax-exempt purpose, some major portion of the intellectual property OR the functionality/usefulness of your project would have to be shared with the public for at least five years.

Contributing your intellectual property to PublicVR is an excellent way to reach a wider audience and share resources with like-minded developers. It is also a good way to protect your project from legal challenges by anyone else who wishes to claim ownership. We will vigorously oppose any third-party attempt to patent or copyright PublicVR intellectual property.

Donate Supporting Materials

We will never have enough supporting materials for our educational software. No educational tool is or should be used in isolation but should be part of a well-designed curriculum, sensitive to students' needs and goals. We will gladly redistribute any additional media that helps anyone use our software.

Join an Existing Project

At any one time, we maintain several projects, most of which welcome new collaborators. Possible contributions range from software and content development to documentation and testing. Collaborators may be individuals or organizations, wishing to share the cost of development for open software they need or simply to contribute to the cause.

Our online discussion forum supports Multi-way communication, while our online version-control system (SVN) supports efficient file sharing. Everything produced by any project will be packaged for public release. PublicVR will maintain the distribution and protect its ownership for the public.

Contribute Money or Equipment

Any successful project will have requirements for which qualified volunteers may not be available. PublicVR uses its funds to hire experts to fill these gaps, ensuring that all of our "products" meet high standards of quality and completeness. We also use our funds to support research projects and educational installations which support our overall mission.

We keep our operating costs low by having no physical offices and maintaining very little physical property. We exist primarily on the internet and rely on its own free or low-cost resources.

Finally, we do accept donations of hardware that are necessary to complete certain research projects. This equipment will usually be left on the site where it is needed.

Latest News:

Many K-12 dome shows this year funded by Nord Family Foundation, NASA, and NSF. Ancient Greek farmer puppet/avatar. A collaboration with VIZIN Helping with a workshop in digital puppetry.